GWCC Hosts 9/11 Day Foundation’s annual National Day of Service & Remembrance

Georgia World Congress Center hosted the 9/11 Day Foundation’s annual National Day of Service and Remembrance community service activity for Atlanta last Saturday. In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the foundation hosted a meal packing event in Building C of GWCC. The 9/11 Day is a non-profit created … Read More

by Janet Sevilla
September 14,2021

Happy Summer & Pollinator Week from the GWCCA Honeybees!

GWCCA bees are back and bee-tter than ever! But what exactly have our bees been up to this year? In January, our bees were in a temporary location near our loading docks, awaiting a brand new home adjacent to the beltline connector. Inside the hives, the honeybees were clustered in a ball around the queen … Read More

by Leigh-Kathryn Bonner
June 21,2021

GWCCA Celebrates World Bee Day

On World Bee Day, we celebrate the important role bees play in our ecosystem and how we can look to them to build better environments, better leaders, and better communities. The GWCCA bees returned to campus on Earth Day, April 22, in newly designed homes inspired by those same pillars that lead GWCCA Sustainability and … Read More

by Janet Sevilla
May 20,2021
Around the Authority

GWCCA honors the proud history of Black Greek-Lettered Organizations

African-American Black Greek-lettered Organizations (BGLOs) began more so out of purpose than trend. They were formed to unite like-minded black collegiate students with the common goal of self-betterment and service to their respective communities. Collectively, they are referred to as the Divine Nine and are members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council: Alpha Phi Alpha was … Read More

by Alisha King
February 25,2021
Around the Authority

Dr. Charles Drew, The Father of the Blood Bank

If you or a loved one donated or received blood, then you have Dr. Charles Richard Drew to thank for the development of enhanced storage of blood plasma and higher quality in the process of providing transfusions. Dr. Charles Richard Drew, an African American surgeon and researcher, known as the “Father of the Blood Blank,” … Read More

by Janet Sevilla
February 2,2021
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