Learning & Development

The Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) embraces a culture of learning using tools and techniques such as training, coaching, succession planning, knowledge management and other developmental tools to help align our human capital with our organizational strategic goals. The GWCCA believes in learning at every level and affords individuals an opportunity to grow with us. We actively engage team members in a process of understanding their career interest in order to design a dynamic and sustainable career experience with the GWCCA.

  • Orientation
    Our orientation program is designed to help new recruits make a seamless transition from interview to hire. After accepting a position with the GWCCA, we are committed to support new recruits in becoming active team members of our organization with a clear understanding and commitment to the Authority purpose and shared beliefs systems.
  • Onboarding
    Our onboarding program continues the process of orientating team members to the culture of the GWCCA. It is designed to ensure team members are supported and positioned for success by providing them on-the-job training in their new roles at the GWCCA. It offers a clear path of progression for top talent interested in career advancement.
  • Professional & Leadership Development
    Our professional and leadership development programs achieve the “sweet spot” in effectively managing highly talented members of our team. It is designed to prepare team members for leadership roles with the GWCCA by aligning the expressed desires of talent with our organizational strategic goals.