The GWCCA has invested millions of dollars over the last decade to improve the connectivity between its facilities and downtown Atlanta’s surrounding hospitality district. Extending the pedestrian experience from Centennial Olympic Park Drive to the upcoming Signia Hilton Hotel, the Andrew Young International Blvd. project will propel the GWCCA’s connected campus.
  1. Pedestrian Movement/Safety:
    Creating a safe, fluid pedestrian experience from the hotel district, through the GWCCA campus;

  2. Traffic Management:
    Blending pedestrian traffic with dedicated bus and ride share options to aide attendee movement while relieving congestion along Marietta Street corridor;

  3. Aesthetic:
    Serving as the springboard for a collaborative approach to a shop-stay-play entertainment district. Phase 1 funding was approved during 2018.



August 27, 2019 Andrew Young International Blvd. Project Update


August 30, 2016 Property Conveyance Andrew Young International Blvd.