Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division conducts criminal and administrative investigations for the Georgia World Congress Center Authority. The Criminal Investigations Division is led by a Lieutenant who manages case assignments, oversees high profile crime investigations, and provides statistical crime analysis to predict future crime trends. The Investigators assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division are responsible for all formal criminal investigations, property/evidence, pre-employment background investigations, Internal Affairs/Complaints, crime scene processing, and intelligence regarding criminal activity that affects the Authority’s safety. Investigators also work closely with other law enforcement agencies in the area to coordinate joint cases, and share information regarding crimes, and trends that affect metro Atlanta.

The Investigators are primarily tasked with investigating cases that are initiated through the Patrol Division. Information developed by Investigators is then passed back to the Patrol Division to ensure the enforcement efforts are focused and directed.

The Criminal Investigations Division also coordinates various undercover and special operations that mitigate homeland security concerns. Investigators work closely with state and federal law enforcement partners to assist with and implement best practices for executive/V.I.P. protection.