GWCCA Earth Month Volunteer Planting

Randy Lieberman April 21,2021

The Authoricast | Episode 15: Behind the Bees-iness with Bee Downtown

On the newest episode of The Authoricast we have a chat with the founder and CEO of Bee Downtown, Leigh-Kathryn Bonner as a part of our earth month content here at GWCCA.. Bee Downtown installs and maintains beehives on corporate campuses including ours, that rebuild healthy honeybee populations while simultaneously powering Employee Engagement Programming and … Read More

Parker Hendricks

Poached Peach Salad with GWCCA Executive Chef Billy Velasquez

To celebrate Earth Month, Georgia World Congress Center Authority Executive Chef Billy Velasquez and Janet Sevilla (Manager, Sustainability & CSR) offered a simple recipe utilizing fresh honey from on-site bees to make at home. The GWCC Peach Salad utilizes poached peaches and the house special Green Goodness Honey Dressing.

Randy Lieberman

GWCCA Bees are Back!

Georgia World Congress Center Authority and Bee Downtown are happy to welcome back bees to Championship Campus! The partnership between GWCCA’s Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility department and Bee Downtown is in its fourth year of existence.

Randy Lieberman
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