GWCC Hosts 9/11 Day Foundation’s annual National Day of Service & Remembrance

Georgia World Congress Center hosted the 9/11 Day Foundation’s annual National Day of Service and Remembrance community service activity for Atlanta last Saturday. In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the foundation hosted a meal packing event in Building C of GWCC. The 9/11 Day is a non-profit created … Read More

Janet Sevilla September 14,2021

Happy Summer & Pollinator Week from the GWCCA Honeybees!

GWCCA bees are back and bee-tter than ever! But what exactly have our bees been up to this year? In January, our bees were in a temporary location near our loading docks, awaiting a brand new home adjacent to the beltline connector. Inside the hives, the honeybees were clustered in a ball around the queen … Read More

Leigh-Kathryn Bonner June 21,2021

Earth Day: Celebrating the successes of Greenbuild at GWCCA

With Earth Day celebrating its 50th anniversary on Wednesday (April 22), it’s a great opportunity to dive into the recently-published results from the world’s largest gathering of green building professionals dedicated to sustainability in the built environment. We’re talking about the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, of course, which was held in November on the … Read More

Tim Trefzer April 20,2020

Tuesday Talk: The Night the Lights Went Out at GWCCA

Tuesday Talk rounds up the latest Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) news you might have missed and also points forward to upcoming events on our campus. When the lights went out Saturday night (March 28) on GWCCA’s downtown Atlanta campus it wasn’t an accident, grid malfunction or anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Rather, … Read More

Kent Kimes March 31,2020

GWCCA grew partnership with Junior Achievement in 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, taking stock of the year’s accomplishments is top of mind for many businesses and organizations, and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) is no exception. The Authority continued to fulfill its mission of creating economic benefits for the Peach State and its capital city in 2019. But new … Read More

Jennifer Tinker December 27,2019

Greenbuild shines green light on GWCCA’s green campus

The exterior of Mercedes-Benz Stadium was bathed in green light Thursday (Nov. 21) night, while inside the venue Atlanta-based rockers Collective Soul headlined the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo’s Greenbuild Celebration. The first professional sports stadium in the U.S. to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum status, it was a fitting site … Read More

Kent Kimes November 22,2019

GWCCA’s new hillside urban garden connects and protects pollinators

Campus Horticulturalist Steve Ware has to fight his basic landscaping instincts when it comes to the Georgia World Congress Center Authority’s (GWCCA) new urban pocket garden. Installed on a steep grade off of Ivan Allen Jr., Blvd. in an area known affectionally as “Goat Hill,” Ware’s latest campus horticulture venture is designed to sustain native … Read More

Kent Kimes November 1,2019

Imagine a day without water on the GWCCA campus?

H20 doesn’t necessarily come to mind when you think about the Georgia World Congress Center Authority’s (GWCCA) sprawling 220-acre downtown Atlanta campus. Yet, water plays an important day-to-day role, from operations to aesthetics to the guest experience. For instance, what would Centennial Olympic Park be without its iconic Fountain of Rings which provides hours of … Read More

Kent Kimes October 23,2019

GWCCA recycling and waste diversion: One event’s trash is another organization’s treasure

The Georgia World Congress Center Authority’s (GWCCA) downtown Atlanta campus hosts hundreds of events each year. From top trade shows and conventions to major sporting events to outdoor music festivals, the GWCCA hosts it all. But what happens to the trash after these mega-events end? Many people don’t think about this. To put on a sizeable trade … Read More

Melanie Vaughn October 10,2019

National Indoor Plant Week: Meet the GWCCA’s Plant Lady

Around the corridors, office spaces and massive concourses inside the facilities that make up the Georgia World Congress Center Authority’s (GWCCA) downtown Atlanta complex, Mashid Irvani is widely known as “The Plant Lady.” Irvani, an interior plant specialist for The Garden Design Group, is, in fact, THE Plant Lady, by trade and in spirit. In … Read More

Kent Kimes September 20,2019

Smart City Expo: Making sustainability sexy and measurable

Waste diversion. Carbon footprint. Net positive. Circular economy. Materiality matrix. Sustainability in the public arena isn’t just a bunch of buzzwords, it’s sound business practices, smart marketing and making our cities better places to live. And organizations – especially government agencies – need to shout from the rooftops about their measurable sustainability initiatives in easily-relatable … Read More

Kent Kimes September 13,2019

Tuesday Talk: Atlanta’s championship campus gets greener

Tuesday Talk rounds up the latest Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) news you might have missed and also points forward to upcoming events on our campus. Last week the GWCCA’s good neighbor, State Farm Arena, took its sustainability game to a new level, making the country’s greenest concentration of public assembly venues and attractions … Read More

Kent Kimes June 18,2019

Give blood: GWCCA efforts support American Red Cross

Every 8 minutes the American Red Cross (ARC) responds to someone in crisis. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, home fires, flooding, and other natural disasters can strike at any time, in any place in the world. In the last two weeks alone, dangerous storms have wreaked havoc from the Midwest to the Northeast, resulting in at … Read More

Jennifer Tinker May 29,2019

Super Bowl Sustainability: Atlanta passes symbolic Golden Shovel to Miami

Atlanta has officially sent the National Football League (NFL) packing for Miami after hosting a successful Super Bowl LIII. While the majority of football-related events wrapped up in February, the Golden Shovel Ceremony didn’t take place until May 9. Each year, the NFL’s Environmental Program leaders, Jack Groh and Susan Groh, ceremonially transition to the … Read More

Tim Trefzer May 22,2019

Earth Day Challenge: Planners needed to move green meetings needle

As we celebrate Earth Day today, it’s probably not a surprise that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) once deemed the convention industry more wasteful than all but one other industry. As a result, many convention centers have placed environmental responsibility at the forefront of operations. When I began at the Georgia World Congress Center … Read More

Tim Trefzer April 22,2019
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