Georgia Dome Implosion Facts

Georgia Dome Implosion Fact Sheet:

  • Pounds of explosives used: 4,800 total pounds
  • Total feet of trigger wire used: 6 miles of detonating cord and 1 mile of electrical circuits/wire connections
  • Furthest dust could fall from the spot of implosion: approximately 1,200 linear feet, pending weather conditions and wind direction
  • Demolition construction man hours: over 10,000 man-hours dedicated for demolition preparation
  • Length from start to finish: 12 seconds of explosive reports + 3 seconds for the east and west sides (end zone sections) to be grounded
  • Cleanup time: 3 months to clear the site and grade it
  • Yards of concrete: the dome has an estimated 250,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • Recycling the concrete: the concrete will be crushed in place and graded over the footprint of the site to create the base for the Home Depot Backyard, and convention headquarter hotel to serve the adjacent Georgia World Congress Center