GWCC Equipped to Handle Extensive Technology Events

ATLANTA – (August 14, 2013) CCLD Networks, the Georgia World Congress Center’s (GWCC) exclusive telephone and internet provider, recently overhauled the facility’s event network infrastructure. A year in the making, the network upgrade was completed in June. Microsoft was the 1st major client to benefit from the upgrade during their MGX FY14 event in July. With the ability to provide the level of service that is required for such high profile events, this project puts the GWCC ahead of the competition well into the future.

The upgraded network provided all that was required for MGX attendees to remain connected during their sessions and meetings. At the peak, 840 megabits per second (Mbps) of bandwidth was pushed through the network with an average of 400Mbps throughout the three day event. The upgrade included the installation of 10 gigabit (GB) single mode fiber from the GWCC’s data center to the main distribution points in Buildings A, B and C. All network electronics provide 1 GB Ethernet connections to the end-user and a 10 GB back haul for data traversing the network. Spare fiber was installed to increase the back haul speeds up to 40 Gbps.

“Because the customer is the focus of everything we do, their overall experience while visiting our facility is a top priority,” said Mark Zimmerman, general manager of the nation’s fourth largest convention center. “These days connectivity is a major part of doing business. We want to ensure that everyone can stay connected while attending events here. This upgrade to our event network infrastructure will enhance the attendee experience.”

Technology is critical to the success of the Georgia World Congress Center, and these network upgrades will allow the facility to continue to host large technology events well into the future. Microsoft was just one of many events that will benefit from the additional bandwidth and network capacity that is now available. It is vital for events to have reliable connections for presentations, video, speaker networks, social media and more. The GWCC’s network is capable of handling the most demanding technology events.