iPhone Tip: How to Search the GWCC Mail Global Address List

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Our great friends in our Technology Services Dept. are showing us how to make our lives a little easier.

Employees that have been issued an iPhone can now search the GWCC Mail Global Address List (GAL).  This gives easy access to office and cell numbers of GWCCA employees and partners that may not be available in an employee’s Outlook Contacts.  This procedure would be necessary each time to enable a search of the GWCC Mail Global Address list.” -Catherine Lawson, Technology Services

Check out the step by tutorial below:

Iphone GWCC GAL search_Page_1 Iphone GWCC GAL search_Page_2 Iphone GWCC GAL search_Page_3 Iphone GWCC GAL search_Page_4 Iphone GWCC GAL search_Page_5 Iphone GWCC GAL search_Page_6 Iphone GWCC GAL search_Page_7