Landmarks and Features

Fountain of Rings Plaza

Raised to plaza level using bricks purchased during the Park’s 20th anniversary capital campaign, Andrew Young International Boulevard features The Spectacular, the city’s newest selfie spot at Centennial Olympic Park Drive.

Gateway of Dreams

This sculpture pays homage to the founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and to the ideals of the Games.

Hermes Towers

Named after the mythological messenger of the gods Hermes, the Hermes Towers, eight, 65-foot towers that encircle Centennial Plaza, are stylized reproductions of markers that led the ancient Greeks to significant public spaces and events.

Ivan Allen Tribute

This statue chronicles the leadership and contributions the Allen family has made to Atlanta over the course of three generations.

Magnolia Tribute Garden

One of the newest features at the Park, this tribute garden is comprised of 29 magnolia trees of seven different varieties placed along a 700-foot paved path that snakes its way around the perimeter of the newly-renovated Southern Company Amphitheater.

Paralympic Legacy

Monument honors the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games and the 3,310 athletes from 104 countries who participated and set 268 world records.

Paralympic Plaza

This new access point and inviting greenspace honors the 3,000-plus athletes who participated in the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games.

Quilt of Dreams

Celebrates Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games CEO Billy Payne’s 10-year quest to bring the Centennial Olympic Games to his hometown.

Quilt of Nations

Honors all 197 nations that participated in the 1996 Games. This was the largest number of countries ever represented in the history of the Olympic Games.

Quilt of Olympic Spirit

Salutes the 10,000 athletes who participated in the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

Quilt of Origins

Captures the enduring essence of the Olympic Games with a sculpture that symbolically follows the progression of the original Greek athletes to the athletes of today’s Olympic Games.

Quilt of Remembrance

Features a mosaic of stones and a feature honoring Richard Jewell and the Law Enforcement Community for their bravery, vigilance, and commitment to protecting the public on July 27, 1996.

Southern Company Amphitheater

New infrastructure upgrades to the existing amphitheater give the Park additional flexibility to host a variety of outdoor music experiences, activities, and events.

Unity Plaza

A new water feature and a prominent, permanent home for the Androgyne Planet sculpture, representing the Game’s continuity and spirit of international unity, create a welcoming entry point for guests visiting neighboring attractions.

Water Gardens

A series of man-made, beautifully landscaped cascading water features weave through the five Quilt Plazas.

Legacy Gardens Promenade

Creating additional greenspace for visitors to enjoy, Legacy Gardens Promenade showcases the Park’s ties to the Centennial Olympic Games with a new medal podium.