Meet The Authoricast, GWCCA’s new podcast

We’re pleased to announce that the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) has joined the dynamic world of podcasting.

Hosted and produced by GWCCA Marketing Specialist Parker Hendricks and this blog author (Sr. Staff Writer Kent Kimes), the debut episode of The Authoricast was released today.

You can check it out here.

Episodes will be archived on The Authoricast landing page located here.

And please hit the subscribe button, which will notify you when new episodes drop – you don’t want to miss out because we have an exciting slate of knowledgable guests and thought-provoking topics lined up.

The Authoricast is also available via iTunes:

And Spotify:

Just search “Authoricast.”

In this debut episode, we talk about what the Authority is, the types of events we host and the billions of dollars in economic impact our championship campus generates annually for Atlanta and the Peach State.

Also featured is The Authoricast’s first guest, GWCCA Director of Communications, Holly Richmond. “We have so many stories to tell,” Richmond says in Episode One. “Being able to tell those stories and show how we’re impacting the communities around us is really important. The podcast is just one more way we’re trying to set ourselves apart and lead in the industry.”

Several months in development, The Authoricast release was delayed in part by the COVID-19 crisis, and the debut episode was recorded several weeks ago, so pardon us in that a couple of the references (like citing the NCAA Men’s Final Four) are now dated due to the rapidly-developing pandemic.

But the mission of The Authoricast is as relevant as ever in these unprecedented times as we work to build yet another bridge from the organization to customers and guests (present and future) and the surrounding community.

As always, feedback is welcome, either via the comment sections below this blog post and the podcast episode, or direct messaging to [email protected] or [email protected].