Plan an Event

From its foundation, Centennial Olympic Park was intended to serve as a community gathering place. In addition to the millions of visitors that enjoy outdoor recreation in the park every year, the park has hosted everything from an eight-ton ice sculpture to a picnic for Barnum & Bailey Circus elephants. The park offers a unique alternative to the indoors. Almost anything can be accommodated within the beautiful 21 acre space. The park is multifaceted enough to host monumental and intimate events. Whether it’s a fundraiser, festival or corporate reception, the park’s lush lawns, pavilions and amphitheater are the perfect venue.

If you are interested in hosting an outdoor gathering, in an award-winning location, then the Centennial Olympic Park staff wants to help make it happen. Whether your desire is to motivate, entertain or relax, we are sure your event will be an unforgettable one. Our experienced, attentive staff is here to make your event seamless and easy. Engineering and catering services are available for any event, from concerts and film screenings to sack lunches and buffets. Other events held in the park have included cocktail parties, holiday get-togethers and promotional road shows.

The park may be reserved and used for special events, depending upon the events’ effect on public access, the impact on the landscape and hardscape, and in consideration of other activities and events scheduled in the surrounding areas.

To ensure that all events, big and small, are memorable, the park asks that you review our policies as they relate to park use, the application process, safety, maintenance, food services, first aid and security.