The Progress Report: Downtown Ambassador Force extends campus hospitality

Feb. 14, 2020

Each year, Downtown Atlanta welcomes more than 50 million visitors, many of whom come to the area to attend meetings, events, and conventions at the Georgia World Congress Center Authority’s (GWCCA) campus.

Thus, tourism and hospitality are priority areas for Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (CAP/ADID). Our collective efforts aim to, each day, elevate your experience of Downtown, whether you live, work, attend school, or visit the area.

One way we do this is through the Downtown Ambassador Force, a public safety and hospitality entity managed by ADID. The Force was created in 1996 when Atlanta hosted the Centennial Olympic Games.

Ambassadors enhance the public safety environment of Downtown by adding additional patrols on the streets and in common areas all over the Downtown Improvement District’s 220 blocks, including the GWCCA campus. Ambassadors are operational 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, but primarily patrol from 7 a.m. to midnight every day of the week.

Besides the Ambassadors you see on the streets, there are Ambassadors monitoring Downtown surveillance cameras, in addition to and in partnership with the police department’s monitoring station. Off-duty Atlanta Police and Georgia State University Police are hired to assist the Ambassadors with their duties and provide additional selective enforcement on a 24-hour basis.

The GWCCA has its own Public Safety team, including sworn police officers, but the additional eyes, ears, and hospitality provided by Ambassador Force members is a welcome resource.

The Ambassador Force also provides a clean and sanitation component to the program, keeping the sidewalks and trash containers clean and free of trash and debris, as well pressure- washing common areas, removing graffiti, and painting street furniture and light poles.    

You can also find an Ambassador at the Information Booth at the intersection of Andrew Young International Boulevard and Peachtree Street, or you can visit the Force’s office, located at 34 Peachtree Street, Suite 200. The Ambassador Force can also be reached by calling 404-215 9600 (24-hours) or texting 404-732-4200.

How can an Ambassador help you? Here’s an overview of their services:

  • Wayfinding: Ambassadors know every inch of Downtown and can tell you the best route (by foot, car or MARTA) to any location.  Also, they can assist you in locating your vehicle, if needed. 
  • Activity Suggestions: Whether you have an hour, an afternoon or an entire weekend to enjoy the sights and sounds of Downtown, Ambassadors can recommend the perfect attraction to entertain you.
  • Medical Assistance: Ambassadors are trained to assist in medical emergencies and have direct radio contact with emergency responders. Ambassadors can also guide you to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy or healthcare provider.
  • Maps: Ambassadors can offer you one of the most useful tools in any city: a detailed map, marked with major attractions, hotels, restaurants, and roadways.
  • Accompanying: Downtown Atlanta is extremely safe. However, should you ever feel uncomfortable, please approach your nearest Ambassador, who will be happy to escort you to your vehicle, hotel or other Downtown destination. You can also contact the Ambassador Office (404) 215-9600 to request an escort. Don’t hesitate to ask.

The Ambassadors also recommend the following safety tips to anyone visiting Downtown:

  • Stay alert of your surroundings.
  • Project a confident image; walk with a purpose.
  • Stick to well-lit, busy areas.
  • Do not give money to panhandlers.
  • Don’t leave valuables, especially cell phones and laptops, unattended and in open view on your desk or in your car.
  • Remove convention badges outside the meeting site.
  • Report suspicious behavior to the police or a Downtown Ambassador.
  • Use the wayfinding signs and maps throughout Downtown.

The Ambassador Force has been fortunate to receive numerous thank-you notes from locals and visitors over the years. Read about how these services help everyone have a more positive Downtown Atlanta experience here.

The Progress Report is an unConventional quarterly series that explores the relationship between Central Atlanta Progress/Atlanta Downtown Improvement District and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority.

Posted by
Paige Sullivan  
on Feb. 14, 2020
Paige Sullivan serves at the Marketing Manager of Central Atlanta Progress, promoting both the organization and the Downtown Atlanta community each day. Her personal customer service mantra is “excellence above all else.”

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