Top 10 blog posts of unConventional's inaugural year

Guess who is turning one today?

unConventional, of course.

This blog was launched a year ago today, March 1, 2018, taking you
beyond the press releases, behind the curtain, onto the show floor, inside the data, and into the personalities that make the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) tick.

In honor of our 1-year anniversary, we’ve compiled the top 10 most-viewed unConventional posts during this time span.

So join us for this jog down Memory Lane.

1. The top spot goes to a more recent post, previewing Super Bowl LIVE, the free 6-day fan festival at Centennial Olympic Park, written by yours truly, Sr. Staff Writer Kent Kimes. 

2. Coming in second is another post involving the park, this time heralding the arrival of summer, penned by Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator Jennifer Tinker.

3. Rounding out the top three, Marketing Specialist Parker Hendricks provided an update on Super Bowl 53 at the 53-day mark.

4. Back to the park again for the 4th-most viewed blog, with this one (posted by your friendly neighborhood blogmeister) telling the tale of the Authority’s new 30-foot deodar cedar tree – the #AuthoriTREE.

5. SweetWater 420 Fest is one of Centennial Olympic Park’s signature events, and readers clamor for festival details, propelling this post (by yours truly again) revealing 420’s entertainment schedule to the No. 5 slot. 

6. Previewing entertainment options leading up to the big game, this blog post (by that Sr. Staff Writer guy) takes readers inside the Super Bowl Experience before the NFL’s interatctive theme park opened to the public.

7. The newest post to make it to the top 10, this blog (scribed by this scrivener) offers exciting details about the GWCCA headquarter hotel.

8. Team member Hendricks’ work makes another appearance in our top 10 with this post about the marriage of locals’ two favorite things: SEC football and Centennial Olympic Park.

9. Commencement ceremonies are a rite of spring here at the GWCCA, and who better to offer guest tips for navigating the country’s 4th largest convention center than GWCCA Guest Services Manager Anna Cunningham?

10. Rounding out the top 10, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Tim Trefzer details how Sweetwater 420 Fest’s eco-friendly vibe matches the Authority’s core value of being good stewards.

Honorable mention: Sr. Communications Specialist Jaleesa Fears posted this inspirational blog about female empowerment, and it resonated with our audience, garnering the most reader comments of any unConventional article during Year One.