“Venom” in the underbelly of the GWCCA campus

Another classic Marvel character’s stand-alone feature flick is set to debut in theaters on Friday (Oct. 5), and there’s a Georgia World Congress Center Authority connection. “Venom” is the story of Eddie Brock (portrayed by Tom Hardy), who turns into an unwitting host for an alien symbiote and together they become the super-powered anti-hero Venom.

Some scenes for “Venom” were filmed on the GWCCA campus, which has become a hot spot for film production. Popular productions such as “Baby Driver,” “The Hunger Games” series, and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” were all filmed in part on our campus. Now, the Spider-Man spinoff, “Venom” will be included in this growing list.

Throughout this film, you will catch glimpses of Andrew Young International Boulevard and the A/B entrance. One highlight is in the “Venom” trailer, where the GWCCA tunnels are displayed. Check out the official trailer here.

“The GWCCA is one of the most interesting, diverse looking locations in Atlanta. On Venom, we filmed the facility for the subterranean tunnels in the (fictional) Life Foundation as well as the airport in San Francisco,” said Location Manager, Caleb Hinshaw. “That’s what I love about the facility: many options and different looks to create something special. Between the depth of both interiors and exteriors and the compliment of its excellent sales personnel and staff, the GWCCA remains one of my favorite locations to film.”

The GWCCA tunnels are displayed in this scene of the Venom trailer. 

The trailer has been well-received by audiences.

“Social media buzz has picked up, and YouTube views have surpassed those of its contemporaries, even Spider-Man Homecoming,” according to digital media company Observer.

The comic book movie is expected to do big numbers when it opens in theaters. Venom had an estimated budget of $100 million and box office predictions suggest this action thriller will have a $60-$70 million opening weekend in the U.S.

The GWCCA strives to continue to welcome film and TV production, like Venom, on campus. In fiscal year 2017, close to $1 million in revenue was generated from film and TV shoots on the GWCCA campus. With nearly 50 productions filming here in 2018, you can expect to see more of the GWCCA campus on the TV and movie screen as our relationship with the entertainment industry grows.