Welcome to the Camp(us)

Welcome to unConventional, the new blog of the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA).

Why unConventional, you ask?

Because this blog is going to take you beyond the press releases, behind the curtain, onto the show floor, inside the data, and into the personalities that make our organization tick. We’ll give readers a taste of what life is like at the GWCCA’s 220-acre downtown Atlanta campus while bucking the business-as-usual approach.

A virtual city-within-city that hums 24-7, the GWCCA’s ever-evolving campus – including the Georgia World Congress Center, Centennial Olympic Park, Mercedes-Benz Stadium and College Football Hall of Fame – is rife with stories that often go untold.

unConventional’s mission is to shed light on these wondrous stories, while also serving up some thought leadership pieces, Authority news and achievements (including our various business partners and clients), downtown development and happenings, and photo essays, along with guest blog entries from various subject experts within our industry and organization. Really, the sky is the limit, as you’ll also see a multi-media mix of story-telling devices, including video, infographics and audio, along with a variety of formats, from  question-and-answer interviews to quick news updates to long-form analysis.

Now a bit of housekeeping:

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