Emergency Procedures

Active Shooter
For individuals on campus, follow these procedures:
Remain as calm as possible
Determine your course of action. The best way to survive an active shooter incident is to not be where the shooter is and to not go where he or she can see you. You have two choices:

AVOID (Evacuate) Exit the building immediately, if it is safe to do so
Move quickly to a safe location away from the shooter
Leave belongings behind that will slow you down
When you see police vehicles, move toward them when it is safe to do so with your hands on your head and presenting no threat to them
Follow the directions of any emergency responders you encounter

DENY (Secure-in-Place) Go to the nearest room or office
Close, lock, and barricade the door with any heavy furniture possible
Cover windows, if possible
Turn out the lights, if possible
Silence all noise producing sources, including your cell phones
If you can provide any valuable information to the responding units, such as the whereabouts of the shooter, call 404-223-4911

DEFEND If you are faced with the shooter, you have a choice to make. You can stay still and hope they don’t shoot you, run for an exit while zigzagging, or even attack the shooter. This is very dangerous. A moving target is much harder to hit than a stationary one and the last thing the shooter will expect is to be attacked by an unarmed person. Any option you choose may still result in a negative response.

If someone near you has a life-threatening injury, and it is possible for you to safely provide first aid, do so up to but not exceeding your level of training