Jan. 01, 2000

  • The Nov. 20 implosion of the Georgia Dome successfully achieved the outlined goals of 1) the lowering of the Dome’s ring beam, which was the most complicated aspect of the project, and 2) a safe, secure implosion with no injuries, accidents or damage to other buildings on campus. 
  •  The remaining structures represent approximately 5% of the original structure and the project is still on track for a mid-February completion of the demolition, crushing, and haul-off of the Georgia Dome. 
  • The date and time (Dec. 20 @ 1 a.m.) of the demolition were determined based on several factors:
    • Ancillary events on the GWCCA campus
    •  Earliest date – based on current site prep – to allow for an inward fall zone and efficient clean up
    • Minimal disruption to traffic, MARTA operations and surrounding businesses
  •  Explosives are being used as they represent the safest method and allow for equipment and crews to be at a safe distance. Approximately 300 pounds of explosives will be utilized as compared to the 5,000 used for the initial implosion.
  •  MARTA Dome Station will be closed and rail service will be suspended west of Five Points Station to Vine City Station beginning at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 19. Bus shuttles will run every 15-20 minutes to provide transportation through that area until end of service at 2 a.m. Regular service will begin at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 20. Follow @MARTASERVICE on Twitter for updates.
  •  Traffic at designated points along Northside Drive will be held approximately 15 minutes in advance and 15 minutes after. Streets that will be temporarily blocked include:
    • Andrew Young International Blvd, from Phillips Dr., to Centennial Pkwy NW
    •  Magnum St NW from MLK Jr Dr. SW to Everhart St
    •  Northside Dr. NW both lanes from just north of Carter St. to just south of Thurmond St NW
    •  Rhodes St NW entrance onto Northside Dr. NW both north and southbound
    •  Magnolia St NW entrance onto Northside Dr. NW both north and southbound
  • Length of the demolition will only be a few seconds (less time than the original implosion of 12 seconds)
  • It is anticipated that dust clouds will be minor after demolition; cleaning crews will be on site immediately after to ensure clean-up of the area.
  • All pre-demolition planning and safety measures activated during the November 20 implosion are once again being used.
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Kent Kimes   Sr. Staff Writer
on Jan. 01, 2000
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