Frequently Asked Questions: Georgia Dome Implosion

When will the implosion take place?

  • The Georgia Dome will be imploded at 7:30am on November 20, 2017.


Will there be a public viewing area?

  • The GWCCA is not hosting a public viewing for the implosion, but encourages everyone interested in seeing the event to tune into WSB-TV, our official broadcast partner, starting at 6:30AM for coverage.


How long will the implosion take?

  • After the detonation of explosives, it will take approximately 12 seconds to ground the structure, plus an additional 3 seconds for the east and west sides (end zone sections).


Will you have to close roads? Which routes will be inaccessible, and for how long?

  • Yes, to ensure safety certain routes will be closed from 5:30AM- 11:00AM. Those include:
    • Andrew Young International Blvd, from Phillips Dr, to Centennial Pkwy NW
    • Phillips Dr from Centennial Pkwy NW to Andrew Young International Blvd NW
    • Magnum St NW from MLK Jr Dr to Marietta St NW
    • Northside Dr from MLK Dr NW to Joseph E Boone Blvd NW
    • Maple St NW from MLK Dr NW to Northside Dr NW
    • Electric Ave NW from Maple St NW to Spencer St NW
    • Postell St NW from Maple St NW to Rhodes St NW
    • Rhodes St NW from Electric Ave NW to Northside Dr NW
    • Magnolia St NW from Electric St NW to Northside Dr NW
    • Thurmond St NW from Electric Ave NW to Northside DR NW

Once the Georgia Dome is imploded, assessment and street opening will begin. Traffic control is designed to be opened in stages. Several factors can affect how quickly streets are reopened including, wind, dust and debris discharge. Police officers will be stationed to minimize traffic impact and to ensure a safe implosion.
Will the implosion take place if it rains or there is severe weather in the area?

  • Unless there are hurricane force winds or a lightning storm, weather will not play a factor in the feasibility of imploding the structure.


How long will it take to clean up the area where the Dome stood?

  • The site will be cleared and graded within 3 months of the implosion. 97% of the materials from the building will be recycled and reused.


What are the plans for redevelopment of the land that the Dome sits on?

  • The footprint of the Georgia Dome, once the site has been cleared, will be repurposed into several new redevelopments. This includes the Home Depot Backyard, a greenspace providing community programming, a new parking deck, and a convention center hotel.


How will the implosion impact air quality?

  • The implosion team is constantly monitoring air quality and the implosion will not have any long-term effects on the area.


Can I fly my drone over the Dome for photos or video? What about attaching GoPros to the Dome?  What’s the process for receiving permission?

  • Out of safety concerns for everyone involved in the Georgia Dome implosion, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority will not authorize any flight operations of any Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“drones”) on its campus on November 20, 2017. The GWCCA will also not authorize any cameras being attached or inside the Dome on implosion day.