GWCCA’s Championship Campus: Super Bowl LIII by the numbers

It’s been two weeks since the day dubbed as “Mass Exodus Monday” when a record 101,999 passengers were screened at Atlanta’s airport on their way out of town after the Super Bowl.

Widely hailed as a resounding success and further proof that Atlanta is the preeminent host city, Super Bowl LIII provided an opportunity for the Georgia World Congress Center Authority’s (GWCCA) championship campus to shine on the world’s stage.

While the estimated economic impact of Super Bowl LIII is still being tallied, we’ve compiled the following numbers that detail how the GWCCA team played a pivotal role in creating memorable experiences for locals and out-of-town fans alike attending events leading up to and including the big game.


The GWCCA’s food services partner, Levy Restaurants, which deployed 18 chefs from eight different states, along with 600 cooks, was busy preparing and serving:

Waste not, want not, as the adage goes, and leftover food items collected from Jan. 30-Feb. 3 – 66,821 pounds of it in fact – were donated from the GWCC by food donation partner Goodr. This was enough to provide more than a dozen different area nonprofit organizations with more than 27,600 meals.


Meanwhile, the GWCCA’s Guest Services team helped customers complete 1,209 electronic customer service surveys, resulting in an overall satisfaction score of 4.7 on a scale of 1-5. To read more about this customer-focused initiative, check out pages 12-13 in the GWCCA’s 2018 Annual Report.


With the heightened security surrounding the Super Bowl, the GWCCA’s Department of Public Safety, along with various officers from several state and federal agencies, worked long hours ensuring the safety of our visitors, team members, customers and guests.

Sgt. Antonio Ricks of GWCCA Public Safety’s morning watch on Super Bowl LIII duty.

From Jan. 26 to game day, Feb. 3:

Graphic by: Ikram Omar, GWCCA Communications Assistant.